Manufacturing Methods and Equipment

Automated Equipment
• Diamond wire saw
• Single head polisher with magazine
• CNC bridge saw
Tumbler and Splitter

• Blocks to 25 tons – 12” length; 5.75′ height

Support Equipment
• 25 ton and 10 ton bridge cranes
• Forklift
• Water recycling system
• Hand tools


Strid Marble and Granite Company produces blocks of stone from its own quarry and purchases blocks from other quarries or customers provide blocks for use in manufacturing finished pieces. We begin by selecting individual blocks based on size, soundness, stone type, and color. Then, these are transported to our plant in Cheyenne, Wyoming. A 25 ton overhead bridge crane or a forklift is used to unload the stone blocks from a flat bed truck.

A production schedule is made for individual blocks based on pieces specification and direction from our customer. We track blocks by individual number, customer, and size that are matched with work orders for beginning the production process. As necessary, detailed shop drawings are developed for customer’s approval prior to production.

The first step of the process is to cut slabs at previously determined thickness from the stone block. The Bideseimpianti Diamond Wire Saw is used for this task. This machine is an automated stationary saw that can cut slabs greater than 2 cm in thickness on an unattended basis around the clock. The maximum block size that can be handled is 25 tons with dimensions to 6.5 feet in height and 12.5 feet in length. Individual slabs are numbered by customer, block and measured for cut area. A label system is used to enable tracking of each slab for customers.

After cutting is complete, the slabs are removed from the saw and stacked for additional cutting or placed on the polisher for surface finishing. The polishing machine is a single head unit with automatic head change capability manufactured by Burkhardt GmbH. The number and size of slabs that can be finished is limited only by the polishing pad size. Typical maximum sizes are 60 square feet or 6 feet by 12 feet and with thickness to 28 inches. We currently utilize a seven step process for polishing. Other finishes that can be completed with the machine include honed and brushed (antiqued).

Several slabs are placed on the polishing pad for processing at a single time.  Each slab is digitized and measured for height by the machine for individual location.  Then the machine is programmed by individual polishing head according to stone type, pressure, polishing pattern, and water type.  An automatic mode is used by the machine to finish all pieces on the polishing pad in an unattended manner.

When each slab has been inspected, it is measured and removed from the polisher for bundling and placement in our outside storage yard.  A forklift equipped with an attachment is used to safely transport bundles to the yard.

Manufacturing capacity includes a 48” bridge saw manufactured by Burkhardt GmbH.  This machine provides CNC capacity for 5 axis of movement with three dimensional profiling of finished pieces.  Typical products include architectural shapes such as sills, lintels, quoins, cornices, caps, and other beveled and shaped products.  The unit has cutting height of 18 inches.  This machine has the capability to process stone pieces to 10 tons in weight and 6 feet and 12 feet wide.  Production cutting and specialized manufacture are easily completed by this machine.

Two different overhead bridge cranes can be used to move slabs by either a grab or vacuum lift for individual slabs or by nylon straps or wire rope for larger pieces. Thin slabs, suitable for countertop fabrication, are placed on the polishing pad for grinding and polishing. The vacuum lift is used to turn the slab from a vertical to horizontal position.

Production tracking is completed from initial delivery of blocks to the plant site through sawing, polishing, loading and shipping. Individual slab statistics include cut size, polished/finished size, customer, date shipped and related information.

Other products are made that utilize a 60 ton hydraulic splitter for split face finishes used as building veneer. Hand dressing is done to specification including polishing, pitching, bushhammer, margins, combing, and other product requirements.

Strid Marble and Granite continues to strive to utilize the most automated equipment and highest standards of care to manufacture products in an efficient manner for customers.  We constantly review our capability with the objective of improving and expanding services for the future.