Quarry NO. 2

Development of exposed outcrop

Quarry NO. 3

Teton Taupe Granite quarry face

Quarry Equipment

Quarry saw

Teton Taupe Granite Quarry Blocks

2013 Production

Quarry NO. 2

Sandstone Quarry face

Quarry NO. 3

Granite quarry located in Carbon County



Welcome to Strid Marble and Granite Company. We provide custom dimensional stone products and services from stone quarried in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Enhance your home, office or industrial buildings and properties with natural stone products from Strid Marble and Granite Company. Natural stone brings a timeless beauty to any building or landscape through color, texture, and durability. Strid Marble and Granite Company fabricates many different products from sandstone, granite, limestone, travertine and marble to the exacting specifications required by all customers. We utilize state-of-the art equipment and technology to ensure high dimensional tolerances for ease of installations by retail fabricators, contractors, and masons. Use of computer controlled equipment helps to minimize production cost while ensuring that dimensions are according to design specifications.

We have the equipment and personnel to serve your needs. Custom cuts and products can be completed for your individual application. Please contact Eldon Strid at (307) 638-3662 for more information and
a cost estimate.

Some of the finished projects that have been completed from our natural stone products are shown in the photo gallery. Please browse through these images for different colors, finishes, and products. Many more
natural stone products are available and we continually look for other stone that can be fabricated to meet the customers’ needs.